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Becoming a father is a significant life milestone, as it requires carrying immense responsibility and the desire to provide the best possible life for one’s child. However, the journey to exercising parental rights can be challenging for many men, especially those who are single or have experienced divorce.

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In California, the ability of both parents to influence their child’s future is considered equal. However, paternity must be established for single fathers to fully exercise these rights. Fathers without legal acknowledgment of their paternity may face difficulties in playing an active role in their child’s life and may encounter challenges in custody battles.

Our Valley Village father’s rights lawyers at Benefield Law - Family Law Trial Advocates P.C. are dedicated to assisting fathers in recognizing and safeguarding their legal rights. Our team can help you establish paternity, secure custody or visitation rights, and navigate complex legal situations. At every stage, we are committed to preserving your bond with your child and advocating for your parental rights by offering personalized legal services tailored to your unique situation. You can trust us to stand by your side in any circumstance.

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Establishing Father’s Rights

The process of legally identifying the child’s father in California is known as “establishing paternity.” It can be done by a court order or with the parent’s consent.

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Paternity is usually assumed in two situations:

  • The husband is automatically acknowledged as the child’s legal father when the child is born during a marriage.
  • A man can be recognized as the father even without biological ties if he lives with the mother and child, takes on parental duties, and demonstrates dedication to the child’s wellbeing-.

If these conditions are not met, paternity can be determined by:

  • Affixing a signature to a “Voluntary Declaration of Paternity” document at birth.
  • When legal action for paternity is initiated, the court evaluates the evidence to identify the biological father.

At Benefield Law - Family Law Trial Advocates P.C., our Valley Village father’s rights lawyer team is available to assist you with the paternity determination procedure. Once it’s confirmed, we’ll guide you through the available alternatives, walk you through the procedures, and ensure you understand the obligations of being a father. You can count on us to provide you with the assistance and knowledge you require at every stage.

Importance of Legally Protecting Your Relationship

Whether you’re a single parent or navigating a divorce, standing up for your father’s rights brings numerous advantages for you and your children. First, it guarantees you the opportunity to nurture a profound bond with your child, free from concerns about the mother restricting your access. Moreover, with paternity established through court-mandated DNA testing, you gain legal channels to defend your rights effectively.

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Determining your children’s paternity provides them with essential access to benefits and necessary financial support. It also furnishes crucial information about their medical history, ensuring comprehensive care in case of any issues.

With our team of dedicated Valley Village father’s rights attorneys by your side, we prioritize ensuring that everyone involved acknowledges and establishes your father’s rights. You can trust that we will promptly handle any situation where your child is denied entry, providing you with swift legal action. Let us know your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest, persistently fighting for your children’s safety and rights.

Divorced Father’s Rights

Fathers do not need to prove paternity in situations where they have separated or divorced from the mother of their child to retain parental rights. However, legal action is required if the child’s mother fails to recognize these rights properly.

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Our Valley Village, CA, family law office focuses on assisting fathers in regaining control of their rights after a divorce or separation. We will investigate your legal options to ensure the other party acknowledges and respects your parenting rights.

Our dedicated staff can initiate legal action to compel the other party to recognize your rights as a parent. We work to obtain a parenting plan that allows you to remain a significant part of your child’s life, supporting their well-being and fostering an excellent parent-child bond through skillful negotiation and advocacy.

Rest assured that with our assistance, we will work diligently to secure the best agreement for you and your child, offering guidance and support at every step.

Contesting Established Paternity

Sometimes, even after years of believing they are the child’s biological father, fathers discover they are not. This situation can arise when individuals are named on a child’s birth certificate without any legal ties to the child or mistakenly identified as the father due to brief connections with the mother.

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In California, there are several legal avenues to challenge paternity, such as contesting the presumed paternity claim or challenging the presumption of fatherhood. These procedures typically involve DNA testing, which establishes biological parenthood beyond a reasonable doubt. DNA testing ensures the appropriate assignment of legal duties and protects the rights of all parties involved.

Our Valley Village father’s rights lawyer team is ready to assist if you have any reason to question a child’s paternity. We will help you arrange DNA testing to settle the matter, and once the results are known, we can guide you in maintaining your relationship with the child. If the test reveals that you are not a biological parent, we will offer advice on navigating any necessary legal actions to protect your rights and interests. Count on us to handle this delicate situation with tact, empathy, and a commitment to reaching a just conclusion.

Mother’s Rights

In Valley Village, California, our dedicated team at Benefield Law - Family Law Trial Advocates P.C. is prepared to provide you with the legal assistance and representation necessary when advocating for Mother’s Rights. We understand the challenges that mothers encounter in family law cases, including determining child custody and visitation schedules and obtaining financial support. Our commitment is safeguarding your rights as a mother and ensuring your voice is heard at every step.

With our skilled attorneys by your side, you can trust us to vigorously pursue the best possible outcome for you and your children. We offer empathetic guidance and strategic legal representation, empowering you to face the judicial system with courage and fortitude.

Allow us to assist you in navigating the legal system’s intricacies so that your rights as a mother are respected and safeguarded.

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At Benefield Law - Family Law Trial Advocates P.C., we understand parents’ crucial role in their children’s lives. When one parent prevents another from exercising their rights, the denied parent needs access to the necessary legal tools. This is particularly relevant for single or divorced fathers who may encounter difficulties due to their unfamiliarity with the various legal options available.

When you seek assistance from us, we go beyond simply informing you about your rights as a father. We ensure your ability to establish and claim those rights properly. Regardless of your location, our staff collaborates with you to create a parenting plan tailored to strengthen the bond between you and your child. We also strive to simplify the legal procedure for you and your child by providing clear explanations and guidance, empowering you to make well-informed decisions. Place your trust in us to navigate the intricacies of the legal system, ensuring the protection of your child’s relationship and your rights as a father.

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