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I have been very satisfied and feel confident with Tamara Benefield.

I have been very satisfied and feel confident with Tamara Benefield. Divorce is not an easy process to go through. It is important to have confidence and know that Tamara has your back and goes above and beyond for you.

- Piyush Jaiswal


THE BEST IN FAMILY LAW!!!!! The difficulty of Custody issues can be stressfull...but Ms. Benefield was the answer to all of my legal needs. If you want a PIT-BULL of a lawyer fighting for you, then you hire Ms. Benefield. She is extremely knowledgeable, skillful, witty, and brilliant in the courtroom. When I needed the confidence, she gave it to me. She makes you feel very comfortable about your case and doesn't give off that sleazy, "I'm in it for the money" feel that some lawyers will give you. She goes into every case like she has something to prove, and she proved it well to me. She's my Lawyer!!....and I would recommend her to ANYONE I know. SHE HAS YOUR BACK!!! SHE'S A GOOD BET!!

- Shivam Shivam

Tamara is hands down the best Family Law attorney in Los Angeles!

- Jen Conger

Collaborating with Benefield Law was empowering.

Benefield Law displayed exceptional diligence and expertise in securing a Restraining Order for me, underscoring their proficiency within Family Law. Their perseverance, coupled with a profound sense of compassion towards their clients, made the entire process truly impactful. Collaborating with Benefield Law was empowering, thanks to their comprehensive legal knowledge and unwavering commitment to justice. I highly recommend working with Benefield Law for anyone seeking expert legal representation in Family Law matters.

- Taylor

Atty. Benefield is amazing.

Atty. Benefield is amazing. Words can not describe her level of professionalism and fairness. She understands the intricacies of family law and the delicate nature of it all. I felt well taken care of, heard, and supported. She is a natural in the court room. If you need an attorney to represent you and help you through what you are going through you want her on your corner. Divorce and family law is convoluted, but with the appropriate attorney everything is easier.

- Lisbeth Black

I am eternally grateful.

From my first conversation with Tamara, I knew she was the right attorney for my case and she did not disappoint! My matter was handled quickly (as court proceedings go) and with minimal stress on me. She help free myself and my daughter from a terrible situation and I am eternally grateful.

- Lum Fobi

Very knowledgeable in the field.

Tamara is an amazing attorney. She helped me with my family law case and got me the results I need. She was always returned my calls in a timely manner, was very professional and genuinely cared towards the end result. I would strongly recommend anyone who has a family law case to use her services because she Makes the process very easy explains everything clearly and it’s very knowledgeable in the field.

- Ori Chitayat

I highly recommend her services.

Tamara’s experience and advice was critical during a very difficult time in my life. I highly recommend her services.

- Duane Miller

God bless you and your team.

When it comes to a child especially in a custody battle action facts paperwork and the right people that will represent you is key on this battle. I want what's best for the child, and Tamara Benefield Law Offices, gives you that piece of Mind knowing, that this child and family is got one of the best attorney representing them. I personally recommend anybody that has to go through this unfortunate battle, the child comes first and that's exactly what Tamara Benefield Law offices has proven to me. Not all heroes wear capes, once again thank you so much Tamara Benefield for helping my grandkids live a better life. God bless you and your team.

- Richard Licerio

You are a wonderful example of excellence.

Despite the unfortunate situation that my family & I needed a lawyer . Hiring Tamara Benifield was the best decision we made in representing us . She was informative, compassionate, and very understanding. She had a willingness to listen .When it came down to her performance in the court room she had extensive knowledge of the law . And spoke with major conviction . She is more the qualified to handle any situation with ease . She knows how to work a court room with her grace and unfounded professionalism. Ms benifield knows the law and uses necessary terminology and codes with untouchable class. To the point where she completely intimated the opposing defense and put them to shame. By her authoritative nature and firm , stern voice . She is very distinguished. If I could give 10 stars she is more then deserving of them . Thanks you again. You are a wonderful example of excellence. You are appreciated. The Green Family

- Tristan Green

I appreciate her knowledge, skills and experiences.

Tamara represented me in a complex family law matter. She delivered me a professional service with a good outcome. I appreciate her knowledge, skills and experiences in the field and that I will be very happy to recommend her to others who need assistance in the issues related to family law.

- Gerelmaa Erdenebat

Worth every penny because the end result is happiness and peace of mind.

RETAIN HER. Worth every penny because the end result is happiness and peace of mind. She is the best decision I made after many consultations with other lawyers who came across as short or condescending. At first I was hesitant to call her, but don't let her pretty little face fool you because she can politely school the best of them from her 25+ years of experience in family law. Mrs. Benefield was the only one who took the time during the consultation to thoroughly review all of my legal rights and those that I was asked to waive in my prenuptial. She counter-offered just about everything in my premarital agreement negotiations and sought to make sure I was completely satisfied and got what I deserved. She is very knowledgeable, poised, sharp and professional. She is also a lovely person to work with and you will feel like you have the right person in your corner and by your side. I was very impressed by her ability to constantly rise above the cattiness and keep a positive perspective, reminding me that it's just business and to not take it personally. I highly recommend her to anyone embarking down the road of a premarital agreement because you are going to need more than just a good lawyer, you are going to need a friend who cares and has your back! Thanks again Tamara for everything!

- McKeel Robins

You will not find a more hard-working and empathetic professional in this field. Guaranteed!

If I could give more stars, I would. Tamara literally saved my life from a dangerous predator. She knew exactly how to guide me through the process and made sure I understood everything before proceeding on to the next issue, and was always very straightforward and honest. Mine was a very long and drawn-out process due to the level of psychosis of the other party involved, and Tamara definitely went above and beyond to keep me safe and ensure that my property remained in my possession. She worked when she was sick, pulled all-nighters and hustled over the holidays to ensure my safety. She made sure I received the maximum amount of protection from the courts, and even helped me regain some of the legal fees. She truly cares for her clients and it shows. I know she had lots of other cases besides mine but she always made me feel as though she was always there for me, and always responded immediately in an emergency, no matter the hour. She is truly what a great attorney is SUPPOSED to be. I always felt confident with her support, and believe me when I say that you will do well to trust her. Addendum 07/18/2021: Well unfortunately I was in the position where I had to hire an attorney again because of the same vexatious litigant, but I am so grateful to have Tamara on my side! She once again came through for me when I needed her the most, put my fears to rest, and took care of business. You will not find a more hard-working and empathetic professional in this field. Guaranteed.

- Andrea Peregrin

You proved to be a 300-mile-away gem in my personal journey of hardship!!

Tamara knew exactly how to guide me from the first day she reviewed my situation. And even though court matters can take a while to settle in your favor, her advice was in alignment with what I needed to gain justice in a horrible situation. My situation was really bad because I lacked representation initially and had made mistakes of my own. I am overjoyed now that I did what she advised because it was such an enormous gain for me. So, thanking Tamara for what she did for me over time. She showed tremendous dedication in getting my visitation expanded and mapping out a way for me to gain my custodial rights back!! Tam, you proved to be a 300-mile-away gem in my personal journey of hardship!! Thankful to God for divinely having our paths cross at such a crucial and scary time for me. Sincerely, Ms. B.

- Belinda Morales

Was taken care of in an exceptional manner.

I highly recommend hiring the services of Tamara Benefield. My personal experience with ms. Benefield was 5 stars excellent. I felt like everything was taken care of in an exceptional manner. If you are in need of a Divorce & Family law attorney don't hesitate to call Tamara Benefield Law Office.

- Anthony Cortez

She was like a walk dictionary of knowledge.

Tamara's knowledge of the law reflects her awesome pedagogical achievements from her university days it seems. She was like a walk dictionary of knowledge which was so very helpful to my case. Thank you so much Tamara.

- Rudy Rupak

Excellent lawyer with a specialty in family law.

Tamara is an excellent lawyer with a specialty in family law. She assisted me with a request and was very responsive. She went above and beyond to assist me with the manner and also was very personally supportive.

- Blanca Cortez

I highly recommend her for your Family Law needs.

I hired Tamara Benefield after reading the excellent reviews and endorsements. I needed a strong attorney that would represent me and that's exactly what I got! I was so nervous and didn't understand a lot things. Tamara put me at ease and answered all my questions. I highly recommend her for your Family Law needs.

- Jacquelinne Galdamez

Award Winner ya'll.

I have been so impressed with the fact that now that we are standing at a level of positive progression in my case, I can honestly look back and attribute that to the fact that Tamara set up the foundation from the get-go for the utmost success for my tough case instantly upon taking it on. That is to say, it all points to how thorough Tamara is in her initial assessment of the case and provides top guidance absolutely necessary for your success. She takes time to listen to your concerns and carefully looks at all documents you provide her with and never lets go of those docs throughout the case. I feel that because of her wide experience and attention to detail and how she executes her job throughout the case, she gets the results you truly need. Therefore, working together with Tamara in my case, I have been truthfully, honestly and accurately guided by a knowledgeable and caring lawyer and that is hard to find and don't I know it with a true experience of let-downs by other attorneys and wasted money due to their lack of HEART for their cases bottomline! Another impressive fact is that I have witnessed how she listens to your goals for your case and your concerns about the opposing party by taking the time to conduct research into every aspect of the case to cover all her bases to get as deep as possible in the corner of success for her client. In the courtroom, I have witnessed how she maintains her work ethic at the highest level of professionalism and integrity in dealing with all court reps she will have to consult to work things out for her client aiming for the highest positive outcomes that is available for your situation. Moreover, Tamara is careful to analyze avoiding a wrong next move by carefully strategizing the net requirement to ensure the client will always be sitting in the best safe position available. She shares the laws that pertain to your case with you to educate you and empower you! I found Tamara on a list of top attorney's for family law in the state and, for me, that was the only kind of attorney I searched for online because of all the horrible issues I faced in my child custody circumstance. Know that she is unafraid to take on tough cases that appear to be a "shut case" on you; and Mrs. Benefield will represent clients who have cases in courts across the state. She is the attorney you been looking for that fights for her clients in every opportunity possible and whom you can honestly entrust with your legal matter. This kind of lawyer is truly hard to find. You will only want to recommend Tamara to friends and family after experiencing her at work for you. Don't hesitate to make that call. Sure glad I did on behalf of my children as well to give my children a voice that wasn't being heard before I met Tamara. I thank God and her for her talent that she is using to help families. Glad to say, my attorney is and International Award Winner ya'll. Enough said.

- Belinda Morales

She is definitely the attorney I would want on my side!

I have worked with Mrs. Benefield and she is very professional and really knows her profession with anything that pertains family law. She is definitely the attorney I would want on my side! I highly recommend her!

- Steve Fischer

She delivers outstanding service.

Tamara guided us through the process and simplified things so we could move on with our lives. She got the divorce done fast and painless. She delivers outstanding service.

- Maria Benefielf

I am proud to say I have learned from the best.

Tamara is a skilled litigator and knows the laws concerning children and families like the back of her own hand. I am proud to say I have learned from the best.

- Cherie Turner

We couldn't be happier with her services and the outcome of our trial.

I'm just going to cut the fat and get straight to the point. Ms. Benefield is hands down THE BEST attorney when it comes to family law. We couldn't be happier with her services and the outcome of our trial. We hired Tamara for a custody case involving my fiancées daughter. The case was difficult as we were dealing with a manipulative & abusive ex husband on the other side & not only did we win, but we won big!!!! She is extremely knowledgeable, always returned our calls and always made her self available for anything we needed. She honestly made us feel extremely protected and comfortable throughout a process that is beyond stressful. Tamara is a shark in the court room and a force who is not to be reckoned with and we wouldn't of wanted to go through this process with anyone else by our side!!!! TAMARA IS THE BEST!!!!!!

- David Cohen